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TOUCH BY TEM Universal dimmer TOUCH

Energy-saving light bulb dimming is expensive - or not possible.

In the times of classic bulbs dimming was simple, pleasant and economical. Introducing the LED and energy-saving lamps made light control technically demanding and expensive. Sometimes even impossible.

Energy-saving lamps require special dimmers. Moreover, various LED and energy-saving lamps demand different type of dimmers. If we change an energy-saving lamp, sometimes we have to change the dimmer as well. The dimming lamps are even more expensive than the usual energy-saving lamps.

Most of the low-priced energy-saving lamps are non-dimmable. Regardless the dimmer you are using. If they are connected with a dimmer, it can considerably increase the consumption. In the worst case it can cause overheating and even a fire.

Is this and unsolvable problem? Not anymore.

Touch it. Become the master of light.

Verify the capacity of TOUCH with your own eyes. You find it at the best electrical equipment suppliers.

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