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TOUCH BY TEM Universal dimmer TOUCH

TOUCH creates a pleasant atmosphere 
even where it wasn't possible until now.

A dimmed light makes peaceful, sensual and romantic atmosphere. It is a trade mark of romantic places and quiet late evening hours spent at home or at work. By introducing mostly non-dimmable energy saving lamps a lot of that peacefulness and romanticism have disappeared. TOUCH makes this possible once and again. We can dim the light everywhere irrespective of type of lamp. It brings back pleasant calmness and romanticism to places.

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In the dark TOUCH becomes a tender soft ambient light.

It marks the spot of a switch and gently illuminates a place. We can choose among eight different colors of tender light and adapt the color and brightness to our momentary mood. In a few seconds, by ourselves, without any tools.




Switching is soft and extended.

It does not only prolong the lamp life expectancy, but also changes darkness into light in a slower and much more pleasant way.

Switching on is soundless which makes the appearing of light even more mysterious.

TOUCH adapts to every space.

TOUCH replaces any electrical switch in your living and working space in a simple and easy way. When you decide to change the outfit or maybe only the color of the wall, you easily fit TOUCH by changing the frame - just in seconds, with your own hands and no tools.


Cover plates PURE     Cover plates LINE    Cover plates SOFT Cover plate PURE bamboo Cover plate PURE walnut   Cover plate LINE polar white Cover plate LINE ivory white   Cover plate SOFT polar white Cover plate SOFT ivory white Cover plate PURE maple Cover plate PURE wenge   Cover plate LINE elox silver Cover plate LINE soft touch black   Cover plate SOFT elox silver Cover plate SOFT soft touch black Cover plate PURE hammered steel Cover plate PURE etched iron   Cover plate LINE sand gold Cover plate LINE night black   Cover plate SOFT sand gold Cover plate SOFT night black Cover plate PURE satin silver Cover plate PURE satin nickel   Cover plate LINE impulse blue Cover plate LINE mint green   Cover plate SOFT pine Cover plate SOFT walnut Cover plate PURE ice white Cover plate PURE ice green   Cover plate LINE stone emerald Cover plate LINE stone white   Cover plate SOFT wenge
Cover plate PURE ice grey Cover plate PURE ice blue

TOUCH is a marvelous part of the most beautiful residential and working spaces.

Up - to - date, refined, sleek surface holds a slim light line at the bottom. Amazing choice of frames - colors, shapes, patterns and materials adorns its uniqueness.

Choose among: LINE - strict and austere sculptured in lines, SOFT - caressing with its roundness, PURE - unique and astonishing, made of natural materials, wood, glass or metal.

Classic, traditional or a modern architecture gem - TOUCH is exquisitely adapted to any equipment or outward form of space.


TOUCH enables considerable savings where that was impossible till now.

In the past it used to be easy – light bulbs were cheap and we could dim them with any dimmer. Led and energy-saving lamps have made dimming expensive, technically demanding and sometimes even impossible.

TOUCH brings revolution in light control. It can also dim some of the low-price non-dimmable lamps, so buying expensive dimmable LED and energy saving lamps is not required. When we change a lamp, we do not have to change a dimmer, which was necessary till now.

TOUCH with its soft switching prolongs a life expectancy of a lamp and saves our costs for lamps.

Last but not least, dimming additionally and substantially reduces the energy consumption of LED and energy-saving lamps.

TOUCH is an elegant and a simple way to do something good for the environment and for your pocket.



- EM25PW
- EM25IW
- EM25ES
- EM25SB



set includes dimmer EM25, mounting frame 2M and cover plate LINE 2M PW

- EM25PPOL20


TOUCH keeps the health.

Light dimming in night hours is not only a matter of convenience, but health as well.

At night our body rests and accumulates strength for a new day. In the past, people lived to the rhythm of the Sun. Today we create a day with strong lights – when our body should already rest. This does not affect our immune system in a good way, which was demonstrated in 2011 at General Clinical Research Centre, Boston, USA.

It was proved that a strong night light causes delays in the hormone melatonin secretion that begins to secrete under the influence of light after the sun set. Melatonin acts as an antioxidant.

It neutralizes carcinogenic free radicals in a body, strengthens and renovates the immune system.

It is thought that the increasing rate of cancer diseases among people who work at night might be a result of a diminished secretion of melatonin in a body.

Besides, it influences also the quality of sleep, body temperature regulation, and blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

If we want to live and work late at night, it is healthy to dim the light in spaces.

TOUCH enables us to do it everywhere, even where this was not possible owing to the LED and energy-saving lamps.

Healthy sleep

Touch it. Become the master of light.

Verify the capacity of TOUCH with your own eyes. You find it at the best electrical equipment suppliers.

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